Customized services for associations

Association management

“Focus your organization on the factors that really matter and ensure effective implementation.”
Numerous national and international associations benefit from our customized services: 

Management of business offices

Small associations with limited financial resources find it hard to have sufficient staffing on hand at all times. The need for specialized expertise and the confidentiality of certain information are key reasons for outsourcing administrative tasks or entire business office operations. Outsourcing maximizes the professionalism and quality of operational performance at a reasonable price and thus minimizes the fixed cost burden.

Outsourcing of operational functions

An environment marked by resource scarcity compels associations to furnish services themselves only in those areas where they have competitive advantages over external suppliers. As a company with structures specially designed with this in mind, we are also capable of providing business services on attractive terms and conditions. We are happy to support you in this area.

Bridging personnel shortages

Whenever you’re short-staffed, we are happy to assume interim management duties or to place our employees at your disposal for specific tasks.

Competency development

Our team possesses a wide range of practical experience by virtue of the numerous mandates we currently handle. On request, we assist association employees in developing the requisite skills needed to take over tasks on their own. Additionally take advantage of our wealth of time-proven methods and best practices in association management.

Association domicile

Do you intend to keep your association’s investments in infrastructure as low as possible in order to devote greater resources to more value-adding functions? We provide your association a domicile at our corporate headquarters. We have a modern office infrastructure – including conference rooms – in a prime central location in Zurich.

Collaborative cooperation

Due to economic considerations, most associations are unable to mobilize specialized resources inhouse. That goes for our company as well. That’s why we have spent many years building up a network of reliable collaboration partners in areas such as legal and tax consultancy, fiduciary, ad agency and web design services whose expertise can quickly be engaged when needed. As our client, you have the possibility to partake in this network.

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