Representing the interests of the industry and stakeholders

Projects and Consulting

“It isn’t the wind, but the sail that sets the course.”
To ensure that your association represents and consistently promotes the interests of your industry and stakeholders today and in the future:


What characterizes the current state of your association? Has your association adapted to present circumstances and requirements, or might it still be based on traditional models? What is its strategic vision? Is the organization aligned with the strategy? Put our know-how to work for you: we assist you in addressing these core issues in the context of a joint assessment of your association’s state of affairs.

Setting a course

People can vary greatly in the way they process information, solve problems and accomplish things. So, the most beneficial way to sketch an outline of an association’s future course is to involve people from different tiers of the organization. Building on a joint assessment of the current state of the association, one can then set a vision, a strategy and an appropriate course of action and devise an adjustment, transformation or innovation process.

Strategy implementation

Does your organization possess the determination and capabilities needed to break with tradition and initiate something new? Strategic leadership doesn’t stop at a brilliant idea; it distinguishes itself through tireless daily active engagement. We actively support you throughout this process.

Competency development

Do you value responsibly-minded, proactive employees who think entrepreneurially? As their supervisor, how do you support your workers with your personal management style? In many cases, redesigned or adjusted organizational processes and structures necessitate changes in jobholders’ professional and personal profiles. Adjustments to bring employee profiles in line with the job and conduct requirements for the new development phase may prove inevitable.

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