Additional value to your company

Quality labels

“An industry-specific quality label creates an added qualitative differentiation and strengthens trust in your company and its product.”

Companies today need innovative approaches to forcefully position themselves in the market. One tactic is to introduce a quality label specific to a particular industry. A quality label reflects the specific characteristics of a given industry or sector and sets companies bearing it apart from the masses. The defined norms and guidelines ensure uniform high product quality and strengthen licencees’ market presence.

Introducing a quality label

Are you interested in introducing a quality label in your industry? Our longstanding experience makes us your ideal partner.

Industry analysis

In collaboration with representatives from the industry, we analyze the structure of the sector, identify its needs, set parameters and define next steps to establishing the quality label.

Licencees recruitment

Every industry is structured differently. We support you in recruiting licencees while taking the predominant industry organization into account.

Managing the quality label

Managing a quality label entails a number of different duties that we, as the central coordinating agency, perform in close cooperation with industry representatives. The main duties include:

Safeguarding quality

Under close cooperation with licencees, independent inspection companies conduct periodic testing to assure product quality. We, as the coordinating agency, additionally ensure that the inspection companies abide by their quality standards and operate independently.

Licencees administration

Managing a proprietary quality label also requires professional administration of its licencees. As the central coordinating agency, we ensure, among other things, that all requisite testing and inspections are conducted for the issuance of certifications and accreditations for corresponding licencees and their examined product lines. As an independent partner, we also directly take care of collecting licence fees.


Networking among licencees and with external parties is vitally important to maximizing the benefits of an industry-specific quality label. You profit from our networking know-how.


To grow the quality label and to boost public awareness of it, we support you in a variety of marketing activities aimed at recruiting new licencees, as well as in other promotional activities such as running the website, maintaining a presence at trade fairs, producing brochures, etc.


Would you like to additionally enhance the value of the quality label? We already hold an accreditation as an official certifying body. On request, we are gladly willing, as far as possible, to undergo further accreditation to give the quality label an even greater impact.

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