Creating a basis for decision-making

Statistical solutions 

“Information as a basis for making decisions is vital to the success of an organization. It enables us to judge whether the strategic focus is still the right one.”
In order to make the best decisions, companies need to have all relevant information. We support associations and organizations in collecting and compiling industry statistics and benchmarking data, enabling you to develop the best enterprise strategy.

Needs analysis / implementation concept

Sector and market statistics conform to the specific characteristics of the particular industry or product markets being investigated, making customized solution approaches absolutely indispensable. Scope and target-outcome definitions set in collaboration with the statistical survey participants form the starting point.

Feasibility check

Current legislation prohibits statistics that increase transparency between individual statistical survey participants. Statistics therefore require a prior feasibility check that takes applicable regulatory guidelines into account, particularly with regard to competition regulations. Our extensive work in this area qualifies us as an expert consultant in such matters.

Collecting and compiling data

In many countries in Europe, it has become almost a standard practice to allow only independent bodies to collect and compile economic data. This safeguards data confidentiality and accommodates potential competition law concerns.

Data plausibility check

The customized acquisition of data is conducted by preauthorized users directly via our web-based online platform. On the basis of the examined-period and prior-period figures shown in the input mask (pending availability), an initial plausibility check already takes place when the data is entered. Moreover, our statistics team additionally reviews the individual data sets by cross-comparing them. Consultation with you will be sought in the event of discrepancies.

Data aggregation

Once the data have been checked for plausibility and completeness, they will be aggregated by a preprogrammed algorithm on our online platform and will be manually supplemented with additional analyses, graphics, explanations, etc., as the circumstances require.

Analysis and consignment

The concluding consignment of the statistical analysis likewise takes place via our online platform, which sends a corresponding weblink to authorized persons by e-mail. Consignment takes place in a pre-agreed file format such as PDF, PPT, XLS or XML, for example.

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